Spring Makeup Trends Under $10: Face Products

(from left to right) NYX Cream Blush in Glow, Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light

Beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin is always in style!  In order to achieve this- I always include bronzer and blush into my daily makeup routine.  Here are my bronzer and blush picks under $10.

NYX Cream Blush in Glow, $6

This cream blush is super simple to apply.  I love how it leaves my cheeks looking a bit flushed/rosy, as if I just got back from a brisk jog outside in the park.  It’s so natural looking that even if you tend to be heavy handed it still won’t look overdone.  This blush dries matte, so it won’t leave any shimmer on your skin. You can even use this underneath a powder blush to increase the staying power or to amplify your blush color. You can use your fingers or a brush to blend in this product.Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 4.58.07 PM

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light, $4.92

This bronzer is perfect for contouring or can be used for an all over for a natural glow.  It has the slightest amount of shimmer, which is what gives you a glowy, and healthy look.

I follow the “E, 3, 1 rule” when it comes to bronzing- I sweep the bronzer from the center of my forehead along my hairline, over my temple and across my cheek, then down along my jawbone. I do this on either side of my face, in the shape of an “E” and a “3”—clever, right? I finish it up by sweeping the bronzer down the bridge of my nose- in the shape of a “1”. You should think about it this way: You’re placing the bronzer where the sunlight would naturally hit you if the sun were overhead.

I really don’t want to look too over done, but I still want my skin to look fresh– and these products definitely help me achieve that.




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