How To Become a Bronze Goddess…and Not An Orange Mess

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(from top to bottom) St. Tropez, Xen-Tan, Jergens Natural Glow

I don’t know about you- but NYC winters are cold, and windy- and I am beyond excited that I can finally peel off my layers of scarfs, sweaters, and boots and put on summer dresses, and shorts! Around this time of year I start using self tanners which transform my skin to a glowing bronze.

Over the years I picked out my favorite sunless tanning products. I know, sunless self tanners can seem scary to some- but do not fear- my picks are easy to apply.

Jergens Natural, Glow Firming – This lotion that gives you a subtle, natural glow which you’ll start seeing within a few days of your first use. The little specs of shimmer makes your skin look healthy and radiant.

Xen-Tan Premium Sunless Tanner– This product develops into a tan within a few hours and does not have that orange, streaky look that some tanners can give you. You will see results within four hours, so it’s great if you have an event and you want to quickly get tanned.  You don’t need to use a mitt or a glove, as it is a gradual tanner. Just make sure you wash your hands after you apply it or else your palms will be discolored.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse- The mousse consistency makes application simple! However, since this product is a mousse and it can be a bit drying compared to a lotion. Despite this, the color that this product leaves is natural looking and stays for about four days. I did have to  reapply it a couple of times a week to maintain my color.

Please Note: These products are for your body, there are different sunless tanners specifically for your face. Also, I recommend exfoliating your body before you apply any sunless tanners to ensure even application.




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