Why I Love The Tangle Teezer

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The Tangle Teezer

I wanted to share my all-time favorite hair brush– the Tangle Teezer! I first saw this brush in a YouTube video, and at first thought it was just a gimmick- after all, it looked like a brush you use on a horse.  Nonetheless, I purchased the brush on Amazon, and it was one of the best hair decisions I’ve made.

The Tangle Teezer works to detangle your hair quickly, painlessly and glides through wet hair without pulling, tugging or yanking. I have thick, straight hair- and it works better than any other hair brush-even better than my  Mason Pearson brush! I use the Tangle Teezer after I shower and there is absolutely no struggle getting the brush through my tangled, wet hair.  I even use this brush on dry hair, right before I style it- and it really leaves my hair feeling smooth, and soft.

All in all, I think the Tangle Teezer would work well on every hair type and texture.  It’s even a great for kids because it’s affordable, durable, and comes in bright, fun colors.

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