Shari’s Favorite Products for Curly Hair

(from left to right) Savannah Shea-Butter Leave-In Cream, TRESemmé Hair Spray, L.A. LOOKS gel

People say that curly hair has a mind of its own and my curly hair is no exception. Learning to manage curly hair is an ongoing process, but I want to share some tips that will help make your experience even better.

I, like most curly haired ladies, condition my hair every day, but shampoo only once a week. I find that shampoo dries out my hair and makes it frizzy. I recommend any moisturizing conditioner (i.e. Dove Moisture Renewal, Suave for Curls or Herbal Essences for curly hair). They all work to start off a great head of hair.

After I shower, I use a rich leave in conditioner made with shea butter. I highly recommend Savannah Shea-Butter Leave-In Cream. The creamy formula moisturizes my hair and maintains the frizz. This one step is the difference between a bad and good hair day.

After I apply the leave-in conditioner, I use gel, usually a sport gel or extreme hold gel. What I have learned is the less expensive- the better. I have tried a variety of higher end gels and they don’t hold my curl as well.  My favorite is L.A. LOOKS gel, which has been a staple in my home for at least ten years. It is important to go section by section and if possible curl by curl; this will separate each curl and make sure the gel defines each curl.

As a final touch to hold the curl-I use a heavy hand to apply TRESemmé Hair Spray. This hair spray smells great and holds the curl all day. What are your tips for handling curly hair? I would love to hear!



Editor’s Note: I want to thank Shari for contributing to Pass the Rouge! Shari has been one of my good friends for over 12 years, and ever since she was a little girl she’s been rocking some super curly locks- so if there is one thing she knows- it’s how to work her hair!  Thanks, Shari!

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