Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mom may know best, but we know what she wants for Mother’s Day! happy_mothers_day_1

If you have an amazing mom- like we do- then you’re trying to find the perfect gift for her. Since Mother’s Day is in a few weeks, we wanted to give you some gift suggestions!

Bath Bombs– This product is super unique because when the bomb is put into water it releases luxurious oils and fragrances into your tub.  The Rose Bomb is our favorite!

Massage Bars– These solid moisturizer bars are made from natural oils that melt when directly put onto warm skin. It leaves your skin feeling nourished but not greasy.  We love the Therapy Bar!

Body Gels– These shower gels are super creamy and come in a variety of scents! Right now we have were using the Sweet Lemon shower gel- and we love it!

Body Scrubs– Scrubs leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.  The Body Shop’s scrubs are made from salt grains and organic sugar, so it’s the perfect gift for those moms who prefer products that are paraben free and all natural.

3- Wick Candles– Bath and Body Works is known for their amazing candle selection.  We love their 3-wick candles in Lilac Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Juniper Breeze.

  • Jo Malone

    Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne

Cologne/Perfume- Picking a fragrance for another person can be difficult but all of Jo Malone’s perfumes are great!  If your mom prefers fruiter scents- try Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne, or if she prefers woodier scents- try Wild Fig & Cassis Cologne.

Every mom is different so if your mom isn’t into beauty products- then these recommendations may not work for her.  Just keep in mind that Mother’s Day is a time to spoil, pamper and most of all– tell your mom how much you love her- in whatever your love language may be.

And if you’re wondering what we’ll be getting our mom for Mother’s Day- you’re just going to have to wait a few weeks because our mom ( Hi, Mom!) reads our blog! 🙂

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Michelle & Valerie


One Comment on “Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. I loved reading this!! It put a big smile on my face. These are all the things I love!!
    Love you xoxo, Mom

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