Blue For Days….

(from left to right) Essie Borrowed and Blue, Essie Cocktail Bling, Essie Coat Azure, China Glaze Frostbite

Blue nail polish is all the rage this season, and I am the first one to the jump on that bandwagon.  I wanted to share what blue nail polish you’ll probably catch me wearing this summer.  So let’s get started:

Essie, Borrowed and Blue– This is my all-time favorite blue polish.  To me-Essie can do no wrong, and they really outdid themselves when they created this shade.  I mentioned this nail polish in my April favorites, and for good reason- this color is the perfect matte robin eggs blue.  Plus this color looks amazing with a tan!

Essie, Cocktail Bling– This shade is more on the grayish blue side rather than a true blue.  I really like this color for the colder seasons, but it works well for the warmer ones too.  This isn’t an “in your face” blue since it’s more on the subtle side- but it’s perfect for those who prefer a more refined, subtle blue to wear to work.

Essie, Coat Azure– This is such a fun color! This shade is a dusty cornflour blue with a slight, but noticeable, shimmer.

China Glaze, Frostbite– This nail polish is a bright, shimmery royal blue that’s perfect for those who are attending summer musical festivals.  If you like to experiment with your nail polish, I would definitely check this one out!

So now you know my favorite blue nail polishes- I would love to hear yours! Tweet us at @passtherouge!




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