How Do We Store over 200 Bottles of Nail Polish?

My friends know me as the go-to gal for anything nail polish related-and rightfully so- Valerie and I must have over 200 bottles of nail polish.  We could open up our own nail salon! I started my collection about three years ago, and from that point on my collection just kept growing and growing.

It can get pretty hard to store our massive collection, so I wanted to share with you how we organize our nail polishes.  As of now, we separated our polishes between summer and winter colors.  We purchased a jewelry wall organizer (like this one from The Container Store) and put two nail polishes per a slot.  You can also use the shoe wall organizer, with those you can fit three full sized nail polish bottles.

Currently we only have a portion of our nail polish stored this way, but we hope to soon have all of our nail polishes stored together.

Hope this organizational tip was helpful- let us know what you think at @passtherouge




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