Sugar, Sugar, Sugar: Fresh’s Sugar Shine Lip Treatment Review

Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment

I recently purchased the Fresh’s Sugar Shine Lip Treatment from Sephora and I was super excited to smack on this lipgloss.  As you all know- I swear by Fresh products- so getting their newest product was a no brainer for me.

This lipgloss claims to “moisturizes, promotes suppleness, and improves lip definition.” Now I’m not exactly sure if it improves lip definition or promotes suppleness ,but it is definitely moisturizing and isn’t sticky or gooey like a traditional lipgloss.  

I’ve been wearing this lipgloss about everyday for the last ten days and I didn’t see much of a change in how my lips look or feel.  I do think the milky pink color and the fine gold shimmer in the gloss is really pretty and subtle.  Some beauty bloggers claim that the gloss is clear, but to me- I do see a super light pink hue to it.  While I do like the color of lipgloss, I don’t know if I would go out of my way to purchase this again, since I am positive you could fine something similar at the drugstore.  I will continue wearing this lipgloss-because after all I spent $18.50 + tax on it-but I did expect more from one of my favorite beauty/skin care lines.

Have you tried this lipgloss, if so what are your thought on it? Tell us at @passtherouge.




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