Guest Post: Rodan + Fields Review

Rodan + Fields

I confess: I am a skincare junkie. While I love my makeup and hair products, the first thing I do when I enter the beauty store is make a beeline for the skincare products.I am not blessed with naturally gorgeous skin. I eat right, I take care of my health, I wear SPF and I’ve fortunately never been a victim of major acne. But still, I was never the girl with glowing skin. A little dry here, a little oily there and a lot of redness; fair skin with freckles, I was always looking for that product that gave me a perfect complexion without cover up.

In walked Rodan + Fields. I began consulting with the company after my friend raved about the products. I couldn’t understand how a mom of quadruplets(!) was able to have any time selling anything and make great money, but she swore the products sell themselves. She was right. The dermatological duo who brought us Proactiv now has systems targeted for specific skin needs: anti-aging/brightening,soothing redness, reversing sun damage and/or brown spots, and adult acne.

Here are my three must-haves:


Redefine Anti-Age Regimen: I am not old. I don’t have wrinkles or crows feet and I’ve never purchased skincare with the intent to look more youthful. But we are always aging, all the time, and I got hooked on this line after I was able to reverse my redness with Soothe. Even if you have good skin, this line gives brighter, and, yes, younger and dewier skin in just days. The face wash also works as a mask and a scrub, then there is the toner (my pores are nonexistent now), and the day and night moisturizers work to provide SPF during the day and anti-age treatment at night. To prevent wrinkles, the separate multifunction eye cream is one of our best sellers for results around the eyes.

AAMEX01-webMicro Exfoliator: 5 minutes. 5 million dead skin cells gone. This gizmo is awesome. If you’re a nerd like me and you like to actively witness your skin changing, the proof is in the filter. You can actually SEE the skin cells you’ve swept away! I love the glow you get, and how you can go makeup-free if you choose from just from one time.

Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment: This simple product literally changed the game for me. Even if you don’t have red skin, the little tube is just a cure all. Got a slight sunburn or eczema from being outside? Boom, gone in a day. Dryness or sensitive from too much product or makeup? Here you go. I cannot say enough good things.

Check out the R+F website to take the short quiz and find out what will work best for your skin. I will be happy to send you some free samples of the “mini-facial.”

I can’t wait to hear what products YOU love!



Editor’s Note: I want to thank Sarah for writing this great post on Rodan +Fields.  Tweet us at @passthrouge if you have any questions, or comments for Sarah.  Xo, Michelle 


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