Purple Rain, Purple Rain….

(from left to right) OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries, Essie Lilacism, Zoya Mira

I got great feedback from you all when I posted my favorite blue nail polishes (check it out here!) so I thought I would continue on this trend– this time my favorite purple polishes.  Soooo without further ado…

OPI, Lucky Lucky Lavender– This polish is is a warm pastel purple cream color that I find myself wear during the summer months.  I prefer to wear this color with a tan because then the color REALLY pops!

 OPI, Ate Berries at the Canaries– I bought this color a few years ago and every time I wear it I always get tons of compliments.  This polish is a blue-toned berry color, and what I especially like about it is that you can wear it in any season- to those summer BBQs but also to the ski slopes.  I love this color so much I recently purchased it for my friend for her birthday!
Essie, Lilacism– This color came out two years ago in Essie’s Art of Spring Collection.  Lilacism is a cool-toned lilac color with blue undertones.  This is one of the few purple polishes that I own that is work acceptable since it’s such a light pastel color.  
Zoya, Mira– Out of all these colors, Mira is a true cool-toned, grape purple color.  I tend to wear this color in the winter months with my favorite knits and scarves.  
What purple polishes do you love to wear? Tweet us at @passtherouge to share your favorites!



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