My Hair Savior

2013-08-01 05.25.54
I’ve always struggled with dry hair- especially after I ombred my hair last summer.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with ombre, its a technique that lightens the ends of your hair while the top portion of your hair remains dark.  I like to call this hair style- recession proof! So between the sun, the hair color, and just plain ol’ dead ends- my hair has seen better days.  I’ve tried so many different products to help revive my hair- leave-in conditioner sprays, oils, deep conditioning hair masques- you name, I’ve tried it.  
 2013-08-01 05.25.29
Last month I purchased Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream, after all, my sister swears by their Deep Repair Hair Masque.  I was a bit skeptical because sometimes creams can leave a sticky residue in your hair once it’s dry-  however this product was a complete HOMERUN! I love it, and it has completely transformed my hair.  
The product is fool proof- after I shower, I apply a pea size amount and finger comb it through my hair, concentrating  mainly on my problem areas (aka my ends). After the product is evenly combed throughout, I style my hair as I normally would! 
Once I started using this conditioner, I noticed by hair was less tangled, it was smoother, and more manageable.  Also the smell is really amazing– it smells fruity, with some floral undertones. The only thing I would be careful about it the amount you put in- try to sticking with a pea/dime sized amount- trust me, a little goes a long way!
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