Product Rave: The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

vitamin-e-hydrating-toner_zAs you know, Valerie and I are HUGE fans of The Body Shop!  Before I jump into why I love this toner so much- let me give you some background on what toner actually does.  Toner helps remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may lurk on the face after washing.  Keep in mind, toners aren’t necessary but they can be a great adjunct to a skincare regiment for those with oily skin or markedly plugged pores.

Now, why do I love this particular toner:

  • The Vitamin E in the product acts as a natural antioxidant that moisturizes and helps to protect my skin against premature aging
  • Wheat germ oil and glycerin moisturizes, nourishes and helps to condition my skin
  • The benzyl benzoate which helps clear and prevent any acne
  • It contains no added color or dyes so it’s great for those with sensitive skin
  • Has a mild, refreshing floral scent
  • And most importantly– It’s alcohol free!

To top it off, right now this toner is on sale for $9 instead of it’s normal price of $12.  If you’ve never been to The Body Shop, I would recommend heading over there this weekend!

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