Product Rave: Diptyque Eau Rose

I’ve always been one to play it safe with my fragrances, after all I usually alternate between Chloé, and YSL Babydoll.  So when I began to search for a new scent, I was surprised to find myself looking into the premier French fragrance store- Diptyque.

I initially thought this brand solely sold high-end candles, little did I know that they also sold  perfumes.   I was automatically drawn to their Eau Rose perfume, and after much debate- I splurged and purchased it.

Eau Rose is not a scent I would normally wear as I tend to prefer fruitier scents but this perfume is unlike anything I have ever smelled before.   Imagine a field of English roses– now imagine that scent bottled- that’s Eau Rose.  It’s composition is straightforward, it doesn’t have that metallic sharpness that sometimes you get from fresh roses, nor does it have a powdery scent. In terms of undertones, it has zesty notes of lemon and bergamot.

The scent last for about 5-7 hours and then fades.  If you tend to prefer stronger, fuller, muskier scent- this is NOT for you.  For me this scent is perfect- it’s a light, floral, pretty scent.

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