Valchemy Lab Product Rave and Giveaway [CLOSED]

Recently we were sent a wonderful package from the Houston-based perfumery, Valchemy Lab.  They are such unique company as they handmake a collection of sensory perfumes that are comprised of a unique blend of oil-infused plant and lab-based materials. Now you may be wondering- what does that mean? Well take it from me, it means that their scents are “of-the-wall-amazing!”

I want to share with you the perfume oil that I picked from the trio that is available- Swan M17.   This scent is unlike anything I have every smelled before- it isn’t your “traditional” perfume because it’s filled with a range of elements!  This scent is described as “light, fresh, and airy” and I have to agree- this scent is the perfect everyday scent for any girl. I wouldn’t categorize this scent strictly as floral as there are undertones of citrus.  There are also notes of jasmine, sage and white violent.

In terms of lasting power- it stayed on for about 5-7 hours.  I had to reapply it later in the afternoon, but it comes in a super cute roll-on bottle I can easily tuck it into my makeup bag.  (Also this would be a great stocking stuffer!)

(from left to right) Swan M17, Siren No.5, and Phoenix No.8

Rachel from Valchemy Lab was wonderful to offer to do an exclusive GIVEAWAY through Pass the Rouge.  So here is what you can win in this giveaway:

How do you enter?

That’s it! You’ll be entered in the giveaway! The giveaway will end November 13th 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. Please note that it’s a one entry to one person policy, and if you are under the age of 13 please ask a parent/guardian that you can enter this giveaway.

Good luck everyone!



Note: The product mentioned was gifted to us from Valchemy Lab. All the opinions in this post are our own.

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