My Winter Haircare Routine

(from left to right) Keratase, HOYU Shampoo and Conditioner, and Diptyque

I’ve explained the type of skin I have so let me tell you about my hair type. I have thick, straight hair that is limp and hard to style since it falls easily– but the good part is that it isn’t high maintenance. I try to wash my hair every other day and use minimal heat on it. I’ve always had long hair but this year I decided to change it up by coloring it about three shades lighter than my natural color. Last spring I joined the ombre trend which left my hair super damaged. My ends were so dry and my hair became lifeless–So, about 2 months ago I chopped off about 3 ½ inches.

When the winter months start approaching I condition, condition, condition! If you want to prevent your hair from over drying have your hair cut/trimmed when it begins to get cooler, this will get rid of your dead ends and give your hair a fresh start. I had a hairdresser tell me that during winter all you need is shampoo the top of your head, once you rinse it out the leftover will be enough to cleanse the ends. So here are my winter must-haves:

I use this hairbrush all year around. I can honestly say that you will never use another hairbrush ever again! The brush is meant to massage your scalp and pulls through knots without breaking your hair. Mason Pearson products are a bit pricey but you will have it for years!

I started using this shampoo and conditioner when my hairdresser used it on me earlier this year. This moisturizing shampoo really hydrates without making your roots greasy or weighing down your hair. The combination of the Rich Line shampoo and conditioner is great for colored hair, and perfect for the winter months when your hair needs that extra protection and moisture. I noticed that my hair color stayed vibrant longer!

This is a multi-purpose product that you can use on your body or hair. I love how it comes in a spray bottle to more easily control the amount of product you desire to use. All you need are about four sprays for your hair and you get this beautiful sheen! Usually, hair oils don’t have the best smell or don’t have a smell at all. Personally, I love when my hair smells great and the Voile Satin has a beautiful floral scent which is a great bonus.

I use this hair mask about twice a week during winter. It is super hydrating, great for adding shine to dull hair, prevents knots and frizz without weighing down your hair– and the list goes on and on!!

What are some of your winter haircare must haves? Let us know by tweeting us at @passtherouge and following us on Instagram at passtherouge.




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