Product Rave: Pür Minerals Rescue Squad SPF 25 Daily Defense Crème

photo (16)I’m sure a lot of you are confused as to why I would be reviewing Pür Minerals Rescue Squad SPF 25 Daily Defense Crème during the dead of winter.  Well, last month I was in Hawaii for a week and I threw this sunscreen in my bag last minute thinking I would try it while I was there– and boy, was I glad I did! I’m sure you all know about our love affair with Pür Minerals so there was no surprise that I loved their DD crème.

What makes this product so great? Well let me tell you…this multi-use product has a whole range of benefits– not only does it moisturizes with SPF 25 but also actively fights the visible signs of skin stress and premature aging.  It firms and smoothes your skin, helps fight age-accelerating UV damage, and combats the visible effects of environmental stress. My face didn’t feel oily, or sticky after application, and best of all– it doesn’t have that traditional sunscreen scent, and works great underneath makeup.

What I really like about this product is that I can wear while on vacation to the beach, but also include it in my skincare routine.  Some of you may be wondering–“why would she wear products with SPF during winter when sun exposure is at a minimum?” Well wearing sunscreen on a daily basis can slow down the development of premature aging skin, help reduce the appearance of red patches, and lastly, prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

So if you’re looking for a great sunscreen that can double as a moisturizer I would highly recommend trying Pür Minerals Rescue Squad SPF 25 DD Crème. Have you used this brand before? If so, let us know some of your favorites from this brand! Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.

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PS: If you plan on hitting the slopes this winter- remember to wear sunscreen because snow can reflect up to 80% of UVA/UVB rays.

Note: The product mentioned was gifted to us from Pür Minerals. All the opinions in this post are our own. 

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