Product Rave: Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.46.55 PMI put a lot of effort into my skin care routine and invest a pretty big chunk of my paycheck to make sure I get the best products to pamper my skin.  However, my hair care routine has been pushed to the side lines… to be honest, I don’t take the proper time to care for my hair.  Phew, now that I admitted to you all– I feel a bit better!  Well I’ve decided to change my ways and really put the time into my hair care routine.  I did some research on what products are best suited for my hair– which is super thick, straight, dry and color treated- and I have been incorporating them into my daily beauty routine.  So I wanted to share one of the products that I found to be just super duper awesome! Let me introduce you all to– Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche.

This hair serum has become a fast favorite of mine because it’s such a versatile product!  The Chroma Riche contains anti-oxidants to protect your hair, provides shine, nourishment, and offers UV protection.  I also happen to think the scent of the serum is phenomenal– it has the most wonderful clean floral scent.

I use this product when my hair is damp, and apply 2-4 pumps towards the ends of my hair.  I work this product into the ends of my hair which really helps to prevent frizz and smooths my hair.  Sometimes I apply one pump into my dry hair if I feel that it needs a little pick me up!

This serum is on the pricer side as it costs $40 a bottle… a little goes a long way so use this product sparingly.  I would love to hear your thoughts on hair serums/oils and if y’all have any favorites. Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.




2 Comments on “Product Rave: Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche

  1. i was lucky enough to receive a full sized bottle of this stuff free at a blog event (yay!) and i also love it! i need to use it more often to keep my hair healthy 🙂

  2. I liked this product when I tried it in my Birchbox but I just cannot bring myself to spend the money on it! I love my my cheapie Aussie Three Minute Miracle ha ha.

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