Nailed It: All About White Nail Polish

(from left to right) tenoverten Washington, Orly Dayglow, OPI Oh So Glam, Essie East Hampton Cottage

I have recently discovered my love for white nail polish.  I was turned off to this color due to a little mishap that occurred while I was in 5th grade and decided to paint my nails with whiteout–since then I have veered away from white.  Recently we were sent some press samples from tenoverten’s new summer collection and I instantly was drawn to their shade Washington which is beautiful sheer creamy white.   I was a bit apprehensive to try this color but once I saw how great it looked on Valerie’s nails– I decided to try it too- and boy, was I happy I did.

Now that I am all about white/off white shades for spring and now is the best time to explore the white nail polish trend.  What is so great about white polish is that it looks good on everyone– it really does! I have compiled some of my favorite shades of white and wanted to share them with you.  So let’s jump into it:

tenoverten Washington

tenoverten Washington

tenoverten, Washington: Like I said, this color is a beautiful sheer creamy white.  For those who are not a fan of a colorful nails or work in a place that does not encourage a bright nail- this is a great alternative.  Slap two coats on and you’re good to go!

Orly, Dayglow: This shade is a true white- there is no shimmer, or sheen and it is opaque.  Out of all the colors from this list- I think this one happens to be the most versatile and can be worn during the winter months as well.

OPI, Oh So Glam: I do love this color because it’s a “nontraditional” white since it does have some gold flecks in the polish.  The shimmer is very fine and understated but still noticeable in the light.

Essie, East Hampton Cottage: Here is a shade for those who aren’t sure how they feel about the white nail polish trend.  East Hampton Cottage is a super light baby pink that boarders on white.  This has been my go-to color for job interviews, formal occasions, or if I just wanted to sport a basic but classic nail look.  You cannot go wrong with this color.

So there you have it.  I would love to hear what are some of your favorite white nail polishes.   Share with us on twitter  at @passtherouge and on Instagram at passtherouge.

Till Next Time,

Xo Michelle

Note: The product mentioned was gifted to us from tenoverten. All the opinions in this post are our own.


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