Pass the Rouge x France Luxe

We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with France Luxe! For those of you who may not know, France Luxe is a luxury hair accessories retailer.  We will be collaborating with them on a series all about hair trends, which will be featured here on Pass the Rouge, and on their blog- The Luxe Look.  We are so excited to kick off this series with a Q&A with Jen from The Luxe Look. Don’t forget to check out our Q&A on their blog here.  So let’s jump into it!

Pass the Rouge:  Welcome to Pass the Rouge! We would love to know a more about you–Tell us a little bit about yourself:

FranceLuxeLGJ: I’m Jen from The Luxe Look at We are a luxury hair accessories retailer where you can find everything from your favorite bobby pins and ponytail holders to crystal barrettes & headbands. Basically, if you need a hair accessory, is your new favorite online shop.

I handle all of our social media marketing as well as write for The Luxe Look. I’m a 20-something marketing professional born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for being happy and finding something that you love to do each day.

PTR: Tell us all about your hair:

J: I have a strawberry-blonde-ish color that is rather hard to describe. It’s all natural, and extremely thick. I’m currently in the process of growing it out so I can style it in more fun ways. It’s pretty coarse and requires lots of attention (aka: hair dryer, lots of products and a flat iron). It’s an inch or two past my shoulders right now and I want to add two or three more inches. I’ve had a bob for the last few years, so this is a fun new style for me!

PTR: Summer is right around the corner.  What is your go-to summer hairstyle?

J: For summer, I have a few go-to looks. And as my hair keeps getting longer I’m adding more and more. I sport a ponytail often, but I like to mix it up by adding braids, twists, curls, volume, and more. This is such a fun style because the base is easy to create, then I have freedom to do what I want with it. I’m not sure about you, but during the summer some days my hair is dry, other days it’s frizzy, and some days it just lays flat. I usually roll with the punches and work with what texture I’ve got for the day.

PTR: We would love to know what do you usually do with 2nd day hair?

J: Second day hair is pretty much my least favorite hair. If I’m honest, I usually wash it every single day (shame on me!!!). However, when I don’t, Dry Shampoo and a top knot are my best friends. I am also starting to love doing braids on 2nd day hair now that my hair is long enough!

PTR: Being part of The Luxe Look, we are sure you own tons of hair accessories. What hair accessory could you not live without?

J: It’s a tie between ponies and bobby pins. I’ll never be caught without at least a few of each of them. I keep a stash in all of my bags, in my car, at my desk, by my bed…you get the picture. You never know when you’ll need to pull your hair up and I love having them handy.

Jen Burke (1)PTR: What is a hairstyle you wish you could do in your own hair but cannot?

J: The Crown Braid! It’s seriously amazing and I’m dying to do it on my hair, I just need a bit more length to pull it off.

PTR: Summer means festivals! What’s your favorite festival hair style this year?

J: Braids, braids, braids. Everything braided with flowers and turbans makes me happy.

PTR: Being from Seattle, we are sure you have had your share of rainy days. Does weather ever affect your hair?

J: Yes – most mornings I even check the weather prior to deciding on how to style my hair. If it’s going to rain, I tend to try styles that are up and can’t be ruined by getting wet. When it comes to sun and heat, I have a different mentality. I know I have to add extra product to my hair to protect it from the sun and keep it from being frizzy from humidity.

PTR: Do you plan on changing your hair this year?

J: Well, I’m currently growing it out and trying to add length, however once I have a few more inches I want to add a bunch of fun layers to my look! But as for color, I’m sticking to what I’ve got for now.

PTR: There are some hair trends that should never return. What hair trend(s) do you hope will NOT make a comeback?

J: The Mullet. Need I say more? Oh. And also curly perms. I hope they (and the pictures of me with one) stay tucked away forever.  J

PTR: What celebrities give you “hair envy”?

J: Jennifer Lawrence! I dream of what it would be like to rock a pixie like her! And I love her look now that she is growing it out. Such a cute style.

PTR: What is you go-to hair accessory or style you resort to when you’re stuck in a hair rut?

J: My go-to style is probably a ponytail of some sort. I like to mix it up…side pony, high pony, low pony, pony cuff, etc. And the pony cuff is my savior here. Have you tried one? Seriously amazing. It takes zero time and dresses up my ponytail instantly. Not a sales pitch, it’s really my favorite item!

PTR: Where do you turn to get some “hair inspiration”?

J: My number one inspiration is Pinterest these days for hair ideas. I also have a few go-to sites to check out for hair tutorials: The Freckled Fox, The Small Things Blog, Refinery29.

Don’t forget to check out our Q&A on The Luxe Look, and if you have any questions for Jen—comment below or tweet her at @FranceLuxeHair.

Stay tuned for more!


Michelle & Valerie


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