Summer Hairstyles Series: Braids

Our hair experiences major damage during the hot summer months and the NYC humidity makes it hard to style our hair how we want.  This is where our love of braids comes into play. Braids are a great option to keep your mane looking polished and neat regardless of the weather. Also, they’re a great way to create beachy waves without the damage of hot tools. Small, large, French, fishtail, we love em’ all!

IMG_20140622_092032We love using a texturizing spray to start. Give a good spritz to your hair focusing on the ends. Create a small French braid on the crown of your head, securing with a pin (for this part, we love fun, bold, statement hair pins like L. Erickson Crystal Vine on Tige Boule). With the remaining hair put together a simple, classic braid- we like to add the L. Erickson  Atelier Enamel Cuff Pony  to add a fun element. If you want the look to be extra polished, lightly hair spray your new look while combing back any loose strands. Personally, we like a slightly messy look. We tend to loosen up the braid a bit and pull out small strands by our ears.  This look is a double-whammy because it’s a great second day look as well! Once you take out the braids, you will have great beachy waves that will look awesome the next day (and cut your getting ready time in half!)

IMG_20140622_092919Our next favorite look, is for those of you who don’t mind keeping your hair down during summer or prefer a more feminine look. Start off with a middle part (a side part can work too), than begin doing a medium, sized French braid on both sides of your head. While creating this look pull the braid upwards, so it’s not directly on the crown of your head. Once both braids are complete, pin it underneath the rest of your hair, hiding the pins. Depending on our mood (and weather) we like creating loose, beachy waves with the rest of our hair.

We love effortlessly, gorgeous hair as much as the next girl but especially for the summer! It’s the perfect time of year to be creative with your hair! Be daring and don’t be scared to dress up your locks with fun accessories! Follow us on Instagram at twitter at @passtherouge and on Instagram at passtherouge for some hair inspiration.  Also check out France Luxe’s The Luxe Look for an extra summer hairstyle we’ve been loving, and follow them on Instagram and on Twitter!


Michelle and Valerie

Note: This post is a joint series with France Luxe.  Check out their site here. 


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