How to Avoid Slips, Trips and Other Fashion Mishaps

We’ve all heard the old wives tales about how to deal with certain stains and other fashion mishaps- more often than not these “theories” never really seem to work. Sometimes it takes more than bottled seltzer water to take out a nasty stain.

photo (47)So we were lucky enough to receive Fashion First Aid’s Shoe Done It kit that gave us the best (scientific) methods to help us deal with the worst-case scenarios (& no freaking out necessary!). Fashion First Aid provides various kits which supply innovative solutions to avoid fashion mishaps ranging from helping you break in a new pair of heels from to sticking pockets onto your favorite dress! Personally, I have major issues with finding comfortable shoes so I’m always carrying around Band-Aid’s in case a (not so pleasant) blister decides to appear. This leads me to why I happen to love their Shoe Done It kit so much.  This kit provides you with a whole range of fun items which include Heel Seals: adhesive sole savers, Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers, Flatliners: footwear odor killers, Ped Pens: shoe touch-up markers, Sole Glow: clean & shine shoe sponge, Kung Shoe Grip: inside/outside nonslip, WunderCover: tattoo & skin shields, and lastly, Heel of Steel: impenetrable heel shields. Honestly this kit has gotten me out of tons of binds over the last few months.  My favorite is the Kung Shoe Grip which has become my new best friend- it has helped me avoid countless trips and slips.

Michelle recently went to a wedding and brought along Heel Seals in her purse. She was wearing super high heels–that she did NOT break in at all–and wanted to avoid any sort of foot problems during the evening. After all, nothing is worse than your feet killing you after a long night of dancing- lucky for her she brought along these little gems. By the end of the night she was sharing her little shoe tip with all the other female guests.

We also received the most practical book ever-The Dirty Side of Fashion. The book describes itself as “Your light and upbeat guide to an otherwise filthy subject” which is exactly what it is. Ever hear of a Knicker Sticker? Button wrappers? Garment Guard? Or a Crotch Shot? This book gives us the run down on how to avoid the worst, most embarrassing clothing issues- and if they happen what to do about it. The Dirty Side of Fashion gives us in depth steps on how to get rif of specific stains like sweat, deodorant, odor, and certain proteins. I’m definitely looking at my laundry in a whole new light.

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to avoid any fashion faux pas-share with us twitter at @passtherouge and on Instagram at passtherouge for more beauty favorites.




Disclaimer: These products were gifted to us.  Our opinions are all our own.


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