Product Rave: Nails Inc’s Gel Effect Polish

Covent Garden Place

Covent Garden Place

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million time- I AM A NAIL POLISH ADDICT! I was recently introduced to Nails Inc’s Gel Effect Polish and ever since I have been hooked!  I have been sporting the shades Covent Gardens Place and Regents Place a lot this summer.  So let me tell you why I’ve been loving this particular line of polish– here we go!

Anytime I test out nail polish I look a three factors: application, finish and durability/longevity.

  • Application-the gel-finish takes two coats to become opaque and it goes on very smoothly.
  • Finish-I happen to  love the gel texture  because the finish is super shiny compared to their basic nail polish line.  Just out of pure habit I add a top coat, but you don’t really need one.
  • Durability/Longevity- I am happy to report that this polish lasted a WEEK before it chipped. I tend to wear my nails shorter so if you have longer one- you may chip them a bit sooner.
Regents Place

Regents Place

So there you go- my review on Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish! I would love you know if you’ve tried this line and your thoughts about it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @passtherouge and check us out on Instagram at passtherouge for more!




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