Product Rave: Truman’s The Finisher Grooming Paste

So this post is a bit different because I finally convinced by boyfriend, Alex, to write a little something on a hair product I recently gave him. So let’s jump into it:


“Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers” is a new take on the old-fashioned men’s shave and grooming shops. The look and feel of their two Manhattan barbershops is a mix of Boardwalk Empire-style sophistication and modern luxury. This theme is continued with their new line of men’s grooming products, which feature a stout English Bulldog wearing a pointed crown on the bottle. The “Finisher” is, as you might guess, the last stage of a three-product grooming line, which includes shaving cream (the “Protector”), Shampoo (the “Cleaner”), and, of course, control paste (the “Finisher”). These are the three essentials of men’s grooming according to Truman’s, and I happen to pretty much agree – just don’t forget about conditioner.

image (25)My hair is unruly and this is partially my fault since a haircut is a bit overdue. It is also very much the fault of my genetics. My hair has been described as anything from “course” and “stiff” to my favorite, “whoa, this feels like a brillo pad”. Therefore, in order to show up for work without looking like Doc Brown, I am forced to seek assistance.

The product itself is packaged nicely, providing 2.5 fl. oz. in a tall cylindrical bottle with a “pump” function at the top. I found this “pump” to be quite useful. Over time – I have had the “Finisher” for two weeks now – I became very accustomed to the timing and pressure necessary to get my desired amount of paste.

The paste is actually very effective. As I have alluded to throughout this post, my hair can be difficult to shape and style. For the first week with this grooming cream my hair was quite long, but Truman’s did its job through an entire workday and late night dinners – all while I was using the recommended “two pumps” for thick hair. For those of you with more manageable hair you should get the same effectiveness with less cream.

The product has a very subtle, clean smell. Just enough to let you know there is something there but not enough to announce your presence to the entire subway car. The scent doesn’t linger and is likely gone after the first hour or so of wear. One of the things I enjoy most about Truman’s came as a surprise. By the end of the day my hair was – for the most part – where I left it in the morning, without the brittle or greasy feeling that often comes from using other products. The cream seems to absorb into my hair naturally during the course of the day, leaving me with healthier looking hair.

I would recommend this to guys hoping to give their hair more shape while adding a bit of healthy shine, but who don’t want to go full Gordon Gekko with a tub of gel. Using Truman’s, my hair looked much more natural than it has with other creams and gels that I have used previously, giving me an understated professional look which better fits my style. For $18 this product is priced right and should last you a few months with once a day use.

Until next time,





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