Product Rave: Pure Blends Hydrating Shampoo & Pure Magic Leave-In Conditioner

Every summer my hair tends to get brassy due to constant exposure to sun and chlorine. So while on a trip to Clydes on Madison I picked up a new product called Pure Blends, it’s a color depositing haircare line that corrects and tones your hair color. To go one step further, Pure Blends is a collection of nine color depositing shampoos for hair color fade prevention and helps nourish your hair.  At first, I was a bit skeptical to try it because I was worried it would dramatically alter my hair color but the sales lady assured me it wouldn’t.  So I took the plunge and I also purchased the Pure Blends Leave-In Conditioner.

photo (50)After using the two products back to back I was pleasantly surprised to see my normal hair color and less brassy. I used about a dime sized amount of each product which I think is the perfect amount. I noticed a drastic difference after a single use, and after a week–my hair felt smoother and looked much healthier. For those of you who have a more complex color to your hair, you can actually have your particular shade custom made for you! Is that customer service– or what??

I think this is such a great haircare line! Have any of you tried this brand before? If so, let us know!  Also we recently created a Facebook page, and we would love if you would check it out here! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @passtherouge and check us out on Instagram at passtherouge for more!





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