Product Rave: MD Solar Sciences’ Mineral Creme SPF 30.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen.  I love being outside and I plan on taking full advantage of the outdoors this summer.  Being out in the sun can take a toll on your skin so it’s super important to wear sunscreen.  Many people think if they wear sunscreen they won’t get a tan- this is completely FALSE! Sunscreen acts as a barrier to protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays- your skin will thank you long terms as it also decreases signs of aging.  So make sure to slather some sunscreen on before you head out this summer.

photo (44)On a recent trip to Clyde’s on Madison, I got my hands on MD Solar Sciences’ Mineral Creme SPF 30.   I was told that this was one of the most popular and effective sunscreens currently on the market- so I, of course, had to try it.

When I first applied it to my face, I was definitely able to tell it had a mineral based texture.  It is extremely lightweight which I happen to love because it didn’t leave behind a sticky residue on my face.  Another HUGE plus is the scent- it doesn’t have one! It left my skin with an even, matte finish.  I would not recommend using this product on your body as it will leave ball up from sweat and seawater- but you should be fine as long as you just apply it to your face.

I will be sticking with this sunscreen this summer. I would love to hear of your summertime must haves–I’m always looking to try new products.  Follow us on Instagram at twitter at @passtherouge and on Instagram at passtherouge for more beauty favorites.

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